A Small Georgia Town Is Having A Meltdown After Video Goes Viral Of A Dude Drinking A Margarita Out Of A Girl’s A** At Local Mexican Restaurant (2024)

That’s not how you drink that…

There are a couple of things that I love. The first is small-town Mexican restaurants. Back in the small town where I’m from in West Virginia, I’ve been going to the same Mexican restaurant for as long as I can remember. When I was in college they had $1.50 margaritas on Tuesday, and I spent more nights than I can remember getting absolutely obliterated for $12.

And another thing I love is small-town Facebook drama. Something happens that sends shockwaves through the entire town, and then you have every Betty and Karen up in arms on the town’s Facebook page, organizing boycotts and crying about how much worse things are now than they were back in their day. It’s so much fun to watch.

So when this story popped up combining two things I love, I was hooked – despite the fact that I’ve never even heard of Waycross, Georgia.

Well it turns out the small city in southeast Georgia has a Mexican restaurant in town called Rodeo, which from what I can gather is pretty popular. And judging from the video that’s going around it’s not hard to see why some people like it…

The first video, which appears to have originated on Snapchat, shows who I’m sure is a nice young lady bent over in the booth at Rodeo, with her ass fully out, as some dude sticks a funnel…well, you know where…

And in the next video, it appears that he’s ditched the funnel, and instead pours the pitcher of margaritas directly on her ass as he puts his mouth on there to catch it.

I wonder how many of those pitchers they had already drank before they decided this was a good idea?

Now, I’m just going based on the Facebook comments here, but it sounds like the video was actually recorded a while back and is just now making its rounds. But when I tell you that the city of Waycross is SHOOK…

Let’s see what they have to say over on Facebook.

Ginny is just worried about e-coli.

And Jack believes the police should have been involved.

Pam isn’t a prude, but apparently drinking margaritas out of somebody’s ass in a restaurant is just a step too far.

Meanwhile, other people are cracking (no pun intended) jokes about the entire thing:

And of course, some enterprising folks are already making merch to capitalize on the viral video:

Meanwhile, the restaurant has been forced to respond to the uproar…and the comments on the post are pure gold.

They’ve been forced to limit comments on their post, and it looks like they’re deleting comments as well, but by this point the video has gone viral enough that I fear they’ve cemented their reputation as the place to butt chug margs in Waycross, Georgia.

Definitely not what you want to be known for…

(And if you noticed, I didn’t embed the video for obvious reasons, but it’s out there if you really want to see it).

“Hawk Tuah Girl” Reveals The Pros & Cons Of Becoming A Viral Sensation

The “Hawk Tuah” heard round the world.

Imagine getting thrust into fame in a matter of a couple of weeks, all because you answered a question on the street with a racy-yet-marketable saying. I’m not so sure the answer in this video made Haliey Welch’s parents proud, but it sure is making the newly crowned social media star a lot of money:

@timanddeetv “YA GET ME” 😂 #foryou #viral #rizz #publicinterview #fypツ #xybca #6thstreet #nashville #reels #hawktuah #hawktuahgirl #funny #college #party #cmafest ♬ original sound – timanddeetv

Welch is still in the process of getting her newfound fame all in order, signing on with PENTHOUSE for a talent management deal, as well as hiring a PR agent and a lawyer. That’s right… the “Hawk Tuah” girl lawyered up. The haters might have underestimated her.

On the flip side, where the social media world overestimated in this saga was thinking that Haliey Welch, a Nashville resident, would spin her fame into an OnlyFans account. They were wrong about that, and Welch herself even came out and put those rumors to rest in a video she posted, saying:

“Stop asking me for the link in bio for my OnlyFans. I don’t have an OnlyFans, and there will never be an OnlyFans. I just make funny jokes, that’s all I do.”

So there you have it…

In addition to shutting down the adult website possibility, Welch discussed all of the counterfeit “Hawk Tuah” merchandise that has become available online. She’s apparently working on getting her own merch store put up, but to be honest, she and her team might be a little late getting to that one.

And if you wanted to know more about Haliey Welch (some people do), she also presented the “best three things” and “worst three things” that have come with her viral fame. As for the pros of being the “Hawk Tuah Girl,” she said these things below aren’t all that bad:

1) She got over her stage fright by singing with Zach Bryan in Nashville the other night

2) She quit her job at the “spring factory,” and doesn’t have to eat Taco Bell anymore

3) She get’s ready more than one day a week now, saying she can’t go out looking like Adam Sandler anymore

As always, with the pros come the cons, so here’s are the apparent drawbacks of being the “Hawk Tuah” girl:

1) Has to convince her PawPaw not to shoot paparazzi outside of their home

2) Being asked by weird men online about an OnlyFans link

3) Imposter and fake social media accounts

Strangely enough, Welch didn’t have social media ready to rock and roll before she took off. Either that, or she deleted it as the video made its rounds on social media (and millions of people tried to figure out her identity). If anything, those cons just go to show that it’s not all glitz and glamour being a social media star.

But the pros probably aren’t all that bad either, as you can hear Hailey Welch discuss in the video below:

Dang hawk tuah girl just ruined every one’s dreams & chances of Gen wealth with OF. pic.twitter.com/ZhZQXJCXed

— GeneralPudgy (@GeneralPudgy) July 3, 2024

Nashville Woman Arrested After Police Discover Drug Stash In Taco Bell Burritos

That’s why they’re so good at 3 AM…

There’s no denying that late at night when you’ve had too much to drink, or maybe even partaken in some other mood-lifting substances, nothing hits better than Taco Bell. A cheesy gordita crunch on your way home from the bar will solve all of your problems…well, until the next day but that’s beside the point.

But one Nashville woman was using her Taco Bell burritos for a little more than just a drunken snack.

Police in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, just outside of Music City, stopped a Nashville woman for a suspended license and noticed that she appeared to have just made a pit stop for some fast food. But when they discovered that she had active warrants and was wanted in three different counties, the woman was arrested – and police decided to take a closer look at those burritos.

That’s when they discovered a stash that would make El Chapo proud, with the burritos containing not only weed, but also THC and fentanyl-laced gummies, meth, LSD and pills.

I mean, it only makes sense that they would be hidden inside some Taco Bell…

Well unfortunately for the woman, the burrito haul only added to her already-extensive list of charges, as she’s now facing new charges in addition to her previous warrants for failure to appear in court and reckless driving.

Now I just need to know which Taco Bell in Nashville is serving marijuana-filled burritos.

Not your average Taco Bell order… This afternoon, a traffic stop on I-40 for a suspended license led to quite the discovery: a stash of Meth, LSD, THC/Fentanyl-laced gummies, pills, and marijuana—all concealed in Taco Bell burrito wrappers and tortillas. A 37-year-old woman… pic.twitter.com/wlX2U11V70

— Mt. Juliet Police (@MtJulietPolice) June 29, 2024

And is this why Koe Wetzel wanted somebody to take him to Taco Bell so bad?

A Small Georgia Town Is Having A Meltdown After Video Goes Viral Of A Dude Drinking A Margarita Out Of A Girl’s A** At Local Mexican Restaurant (2024)
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