Bungie details upcoming Destiny 2 content (2024)

Bungie has put out their latest This Week in Destiny, highlighting all the upcoming events and content for Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is currently in the middle of it’s Act 1, after The Final Shape hit not too long ago. Every week Bungie gives updates on what is going on in Destiny 2 with the main points in this week’s being:

  • Tune in for our Echoes: Act II livestream
  • Bungie Day is almost here!
  • Iron Banner continues next week
  • Check out these cool wallpapers
  • We hear “echoes” of amazing community art
  • Our METORO manga collab is complete

You can find the full article here, copied below for your convenience.

2h – Destiny 2 Community Team

This Week in Destiny, we are a day late because yesterday was a holiday for some of us. We hope everyone in the United States had a nice Fourth of July and that reading a TWID on Friday feels a bit like using a Golden Gun on a Warlock or a Titan: it shouldn’t be possible, but Still Hunt exists. So, let’s look at our topics for today.

  • Tune in for our Echoes: Act II livestream.
  • Bungie Day is almost here!
  • Iron Banner continues next week.
  • Check out these cool wallpapers.
  • We hear “echoes” of amazing community art.
  • Our METORO manga collab is complete.



Tune in for our next developer livestream on July 9 at 10:00 AM PT (check here for your local time), where we will preview the new content coming with Echoes: Act II. We’ll have three members of our dev team ready to talk about how the story will unfold and what new activities and rewards are coming.

Speaking of rewards, we’ll also have Twitch Drops enabledso everyone who watches 15 minutes or more during the livestream will earn the Ooo Shiny emblem in the game. Yeah, that’s its name! Just make sure you have your Twitch account linked on Bungie.net before the stream starts. Bungie details upcoming Destiny 2 content (2)


Next Sunday is a very special day for our studio. You guessed it: it’s Bungie Day! This year, we are celebrating with a special Bungie Foundation PvP tournament and some amazing discounts for the Bungie Store.


Bungie Day is right around the corner, and the Bungie Foundation has some exciting news to share around this year’s campaign, which we have dubbed Seventh Column Chaos. Between July 9 and July 28, some of the Foundation’s biggest supporters will be competing for bragging rights and glory in a 16-team PvP tournament. But this won’t be your average sweat fest. Pre-determined match modifiers, loadout restrictions, and custom game types will ratchet up the fun and keep our teams on their toes. We may even call on our community to help us throw a last-minute curveball at the competitors.Bungie details upcoming Destiny 2 content (3)

Whether you’re competing in the tournament, want to host your own fundraiser, or are looking to donate to support the Foundation’s work to support children’s well-being, inclusion, diversity,equity, and humanitarian work, every Guardian can make a real-world difference for those in need around the globe. Moments like Cooper’s Make-A-Wish visit to the Bungie Studio a reality are only possible thanks to your donations.https://www.youtube.com/embed/3jNkpY9N_K0

We’ve got some exciting incentives to earn for both donors and fundraisers.


We are breaking into the Bungie Day Vault!

$7 (each): Returning Bungie Day emblems

  • Blue Blood Cells (2023)
  • Seven of Seven (2022)
  • Heritage Eternal (2022)
  • Bungie Day 2021 (2021)
  • Septenary Encryption (2020)
  • Sign of Celebration (2019)
  • Day of Seven (2018)

$21: Graphite Daydreams emblem (community design from Bungie Day 2023)Bungie details upcoming Destiny 2 content (4)

$28: Disciple’s Shell Exotic Ghost (Cooper’s Ghost) and Lubraean Luxury shader bundleBungie details upcoming Destiny 2 content (5)

In addition, for 700 Silver at the in-game Eververse, you can get the Unconditional Love ornament for Conditional Finality, and those proceeds also go to the Bungie Foundation.Bungie details upcoming Destiny 2 content (6)


$500 fundraiser emblem: Gratiam FlareBungie details upcoming Destiny 2 content (7)

The top three individual fundraisers will also earn Seventh Column Chaos VIP for next year’s stream, which (among other perks) grants them the ability to set the modifiers for next year’s tournament finals.

The top 25 fundraisers will be the Stadium Crowd for next year’s stream and will get to submit custom images for inclusion in the Twitch stream overlay for the following year’s event.


We can’t wait to kick off this chaotic tourney and see the Destiny community rally once again in the name of changing the world! Donations for the campaign will open on July 9, and official tournament matches will begin on July 10, with the semi-finals and finals broadcast live on theBungie Foundation Twitch Channelon July 25.

We’ll be sharing more details next week, including how you can sign up to donate. FollowBungie Loveto ensure that you don’t miss out on all the news coming your way.


If you are looking to get some new goodies, or maybe some old ones, you are in luck. The Bungie Store will celebrate Bungie Day with a whole week of discounts.Bungie details upcoming Destiny 2 content (8)

New items like the Crota Plush or the Destiny Class Rings will be available, while other will have a great discount for the very first time, but the deeper discounts will be among existing Bungie merchandise and our Last Chance section, so keep an eye on those. We are also bringing back some retired Bungie Rewards;—you’ll still need to have the linked in-game achievements to purchase them, but this is your only chance to get them if you missed them the first time.

Everything you buy at the Bungie Store from July 9 at 10 AM PT until the sale ends on July 16 at 10 AM PT will have a $7.77 flat-rate shipping* and will include the Guardian Glam Emblem for free with each purchase.And last but not least, starting on July 9 at 10 AM PT through July 10 at 10 AM PT, the Bungie Store will donate $7 to the Bungie Foundation on any item you buy.

*The $7.77 flat-rate shipping deal is limited to Bungie Store orders shipped in the 48 contiguous US states, the EU, and the UK.


Making games is hard, but we always find time to have fun and do silly stuff. How silly, you may ask? Well, check this out.

Woofpack Rounds for Corgirhorn? Or Gjallarcorgi?https://www.youtube.com/embed/hbZD-RpszJI

We hope you’ve been having tons of fun in Iron Banner. Saladin is tough, but his training is priceless, especially now that he has implemented some Cabal war tactics into the event. This is a general reminder of what we announced last week, that Iron Banner will now be a two-week event with a different game mode each week. This first week is Control, and next week will be Tribute. It gives you more time to gild your Iron Lord title and get more Crimil’s Dagger and Claws of the Wolf rolls.


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Bungie details upcoming Destiny 2 content (2024)
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