Enjoy Tax-Free Shopping at the North Conway Outlets (2024)

As a kid, I always enjoyed shopping at the North Conway outlets. With no sales tax on (most) purchases of goods, we always were able to get great deals. Our annual family vacation to North Conway became a back-to-school shopping trip. Now that I have my own kids, we enjoy shopping and saving money at the North Conway NH outlets.

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Location of the North Conway Outlets

In the past, the North Conway outlets were spread out along the White Mountain Highway. If you wanted to spend the day outlet shopping, you had to drive to individual mini outlet malls and walk around each one before getting back in your car and driving to the next outlet center. This became a chore in the traffic of Route 16.

Now, almost all of the North Conway NH outlets are concentrated at Settlers Green Outlet Village, an outdoor shopping mall. This outlet mall has a large parking lot spread out among many different areas of the mall.

So, you can park near where you want to shop, or park in a central location and walk around. It’s a great place to find bargains on name brands and your favorite stores for the whole family.

Settlers Green is located right in North Conway and is convenient for anyone visiting the White Mountains. It’s not too far from Lincoln, NH, and a short drive from Story Land in Glen, NH, and the North Conway Village. Even if outlet shopping isn’t your primary purpose for visiting the area, it’s definitely worth checking out the factory outlets.

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North Conway NH Shopping

Settlers Green Outlet Village has gotten so large that it’s now spread out across different buildings. There are over 75 stores, and there’s even a separate complex, Settlers Crossing, located across the street.

Regardless of your style and budget, you’ll likely find stores that are perfect for you to visit. Our favorite factory stores and specialty shops include: (shops are subject to change – check their official website before heading out)

  • Jockey
  • Adidas
  • Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Lindt Chocolate
  • Under Armour
  • Banana Republic
  • New Balance Factory Store
  • Coach Factory
  • American Eagle Outfitters Outlet
  • North Conway Olive Oil Company
  • Famous Footwear
  • Old Navy Outlet
  • Kate Spade New York Outlet
  • Talbots
  • Sunglass Hut
  • Gap
  • Hanesbrands/Champion
  • J. Crew
  • Crocs
  • Columbia
  • Vera Bradley
  • LOFT Outlet
  • Levi’s

There’s also an LL Bean outlet located across the street – separate from Settlers Green.

While there are lots of clothing stores, there are other types of outlet stores as well including specialty shops and gift shops.

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Amenities at the North Conway Outlets

Within Settlers Green, you’ll find a variety of amenities for a great shopping experience. The entire complex offers free Wi-Fi, which can be especially helpful if you don’t get great cell phone service in the area. Some stores have their own WiFi as well.

Complimentary wheelchairs and strollers are available to borrow on a first-come, first-served basis. These can be picked up at customer service during select hours. It’s closed on Sundays so rentals aren’t available during this time.

ATMs and vending machines are available. In general, however, you probably won’t need to take out cash, as most places accept credit cards.

Public art, a water fountain, a fire pit, nature trails, and picnic tables are also offered to guests. There are plenty of places to stop and rest if you need to take a quick break.

Settlers Green also offers a mother’s room and several restrooms around the property. Some of the stores are dog-friendly if you are traveling with your pet.

The outlet village offers events throughout the year, including tent sales. During our most recent visit at the end of July, we were able to take advantage of many great sales – our favorite was the New Balance tent sale where we got the kids all-new sneakers for the school year. The best deals can often be found during these events.

There are also car shows, a busker festival, a Christmas stroll, a fall festival, movie nights, and so much more. Check the website for specific details of what is being offered during your visit.

Tips for Visiting the North Conway NH Outlets

You’ll want to do a few things before visiting. First, look at the website to see the specific operating hours during your time in New Hampshire. Hours vary during the year, so make sure you get the latest information.

It’s also a good idea to look at the full list of stores to see which ones you want to visit. My daughter went through the list and came up with a plan of where to start and end. If you plan to do a lot of shopping, you may want to go back to your car to drop off bags before you continue.

Before shopping, visit the customer service desk. There, you’ll be able to get a coupon book to many of the stores, which can help you save even more money during your outlet trip. Visit this page to see the various deals.

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Restaurants at the North Conway Outlets

If you get hungry while doing your tax-free shopping, you’ll have plenty of places to eat as well as coffee shops. Whether you want a quick bite or a sit-down meal, there are several dining options right there, so you don’t have to drive out to the other North Conway restaurants.

We ate at the Barley and Salt Tap House and Kitchen. It offers outdoor seating, a bar, and a dining room. We loved the food there and would definitely recommend it.

There’s also the Black Cap Grille, which is located across the street in the Settlers Crossing plaza. I haven’t eaten there, but the menu looks great.

There’s also Trails End ice cream if you are looking for a treat. For noodles and rice bowls, there’s Mountain Moose. Cheese Louise offers a selection of grilled cheese.

In addition to these sit-down restaurants, there are some quick places to eat as well. Settlers Crossing has a Starbucks. Keep in mind, however, that this is across the street from the main Settlers Green area.

If you’d like coffee or a quick breakfast, the Met Coffeehouse opens one hour before the stores open.

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Hotels Near the North Conway Outlets

If Settlers Green is a big part of your North Conway vacation plans, you’ll be happy to know that there is a hotel located right in the middle of the outlet village. The North Conway Grand is an independent hotel offering indoor and outdoor pools, family activities, a restaurant, and more.

There are other family-friendly hotels in the area, including the following:

Other New Hampshire Outlets For Tax-Free Shopping

While, in my opinion, the best outlets in New Hampshire are in North Conway, there are other options for tax-free factory shopping in the area.

In Merrimack, NH, you’ll find the Merrimack Premium Outlets. In addition to popular brands with factory stores, there’s also Vineyard Vines, the Black Dog, Tory Burch, and Marc Jacob.

Tilton, NH offers the Tilton Tanger Outlets, offering kate spade new york, Under Armour, Talbots, and more. This outlet center does have fewer options, so review their store listing before making a separate trip.

If you’d prefer to visit a more traditional shopping center without factory stores, there are several shopping malls in New Hampshire. These include the Mall at Rockingham Park in Salem, NH, and Mall of New Hampshire in Manchester, NH.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do the North Conway outlets at Settlers Green compare to other outlet malls in NH?

In my opinion, the Settlers Green outlets have the most options. While Merrimack has some higher-end stores, Settlers Green has a great selection.

How long should I visit North Conway for?

That depends on your plans. When we visit with kids in the summer, we generally stay for three nights.

Enjoy Tax-Free Shopping at the North Conway Outlets (2024)
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