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// Articles // 5th Jul 2024 — 5 days ago // By Artura Dawn

  • Where can you get it? Deep Jungle
  • When should you farm it? After Hollow Bastion

Serenity Power was the last item I needed for my EXP Earring on Group I Recipes, as every other item for it can be acquired before Hollow Bastion, yet the Serenity Power is the only one that is "impossible" (I'm putting this in quotations due to the fact that I can't quite prove it's impossible, but very difficult and I'd advise not going for it).

Serenity Power can technically be acquired in two different locations: the Deep Jungle and Atlantica, as the required enemy, the Pink Agaricus, will spawn in both of these areas. Despite that, the Deep Jungle is the best way to farm the Serenity Power, based on the fact that it's much easier with the power Ragnarok.

The Pink Agaricus spawns on the Treehouse, which is most accessible from the Tunnel fast-travel point, but in order for it to spawn, you need to cast Stop on the three White Mushrooms in the area. The easiest way to ensure you don't waste your time, you'll want to have Encounter Plus and go in and out until a White Mushroom spawns in the road leading up to the tree house, as then you can ensure that the other ones are elsewhere in the map.

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There are nine locations for the White Mushrooms to spawn, though they tend to be in the most accessible areas. If you're following the tips, the first will always be in the path leading up to the treehouse, and the others will often spawn inside of the treehouse (either on the rafts or on the second floor), one will often spawn on the boat, and there are rare chances that it spawns above the house itself. Here are the nine locations:

  • The path leading up to the treehouse
  • The net below the treehouse
  • The boat hanging from the treehouse (you'll need Glide for this)
  • The first floor of the treehouse
  • The second floor of the treehouse
  • The rafters of the treehouse
  • The crows nest near the treehouse
  • The top of the treehouse
  • On a ledge at the side of the treehouse

The more out-of-reach White Mushrooms don't tend to spawn too often — most of the time, I encounter the ones inside of the tree house and find that every single time, one of them will be in the boat. To prevent them from spawning in the more difficult areas to reach, I do recommend repeating until the one in the path leading up to the treehouse to make it less likely that you'll have to climb the extremely long stairs in the back of the treehouse, though that's just me trying to save time; Sora climbs stairs too slowly for my comfort.

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In order to make the Pink Agaricus spawn, you'll need to cast Stop (or any relevant version of the spell) on all three of them before the Pink Agaricus appears at the entrance of the treehouse. Though, that's not the end yet — unlike most other enemies, the Pink Agaricus isn't the type that fights back because instead, you'll need to complete a special challenge: cast Stop (or any variation) and hit the enemy 40 times (or more) before the spell runs out.

This is why you'll need to wait until after Hollow Bastion — after leaving for the first time, you'll unlock an ability named Ragnarok, which deals a lot of hits to the enemy, making hitting the 40 hits easier but certainly not simple. There are a few things that need to be mentioned to hit the Pink Agaricus 40 times.

Before you even start this process, you'll want to equip all items that increase Sora's MP, preferably making it go as high as possible; this applies to accessories and keyblades, where you'll want to have Spellbinder. The reason for this is simple: how long enemies are frozen by Stop is dictated by your max MP, so you'll need to have that as high as you can so that you have a large window to deal as many hits as necessary.

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You'll find different levels of recommendations for this, but the general rule of thumb is that you'll want about 13ish MP total for Stop to last long enough, and also because most of the abilities you'll be using require you to use a bit of MP. To this end, you should use MP-regenerating abilities (either Ethers or summon Bambi) and have your MP at max before you cast Stop on the Pink Agaricus and start your killing spree.

From here, you'll want to jump and target the Pink Agaricus' head — you can't cast Ragnarok on grounded targets, but the head of the enemy counts as airborne. Cast Aeroga (Aero does not work for this — Aeroga deals damage to enemies that are right beside you and contributes to the total hit count) and then start the fight off with Ragnarok. Do two airborne combos (six total attacks) and then you should be able to cast Ragnarok again — with enough MP stacked, you should be able to barely cast Ragnarok three times!

It's crucial that for each Ragnarok cast, you hit the second cast of the ability. There is a timing here that you can follow, but for the base 40-hit chance (giving you a 10% chance to get the Serenity Power), it won't be necessary; this is also where Aeroga comes in handy, ensuring you don't need to hit the timing perfectly to optimise Ragnarok. I spammed Ragnarok to cast the second half and managed to hit the enemy 49 times without Aeroga, so you should theoretically be able to do it, but to reduce the fail rate, you'll want to optimise everything for this farm; I didn't have Aeroga when I farmed Serenity Power, but I'd highly recommend having it.

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To get the 100% chance for the Serenity Power and a Mystery Goo (plus a special Prime Cap accessory), you'll need to hit the Pink Agaricus 100 times, which is quite difficult, but you can still succeed at this point. For the 100 hits, here are some of the tips you'll need:

  • You want to change Donald and Goofy's behaviour to prevent them from attacking as much as possible (I know it's strange, but they actuallyreduce the hit count; it's been tested).
  • Cast Aerora or Aeroga before you cast Stop to save you some time and maximise your hits.
  • Cast Ragnarok every time it's available (and yes, this time, you're going to need to get the timing right). The longer you wait to activate Impact, the more hits you'll send out once you complete it.
  • You'll want the Hurricane Blast (LV 50 Dream Shield, LV 27 Dream Sword, LV 18 Dream Rod) ability to deal as many aerial hits as possible.
  • Equip as much MP as you can to maximise Stop. The items with the most MP additions are the following: Diamond Dust Keyblade (Ultima Weapon works, too, but if you're reading this guide, you probably don't have it) and these four accessories (all of them give +2 MP, so just pick whichever ones you have available since other stats are pretty irrelevant): Atlas Armlet, Royal Crown, Cosmic Arts, and Shiva Belt.

And from there, it's an endurance battle of trying to get the Pink Agaricus and completing it through trial and error! Best of luck.

How to Get the Serenity Power in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix | GameGrin (2024)
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