The Complete Lowdown on Tory Burch: A Critical Yet Fair 2500+ Word Review - 33rd Square (2024)

As someone who loves both style and substance when it comes to premium fashion, I’ve long admired Tory Burch from afar for their globally-recognized designs fused with versatility and everyday wearability.

But there’s nothing like that first-hand experience to determine if a major brand truly lives up to the hype. I took the splurge and now I’m back with a start-to-finish investigation featuring…

Table of Contents

  • Quick Brand Overview
  • Bags: 5 Favorites Reviewed In-Depth
  • Shoes: 5 Favorites Reviewed In-Depth
  • Clothes: 5 Favorites Reviewed In-Depth
  • Accessories: 5 Favorites Reviewed In-Depth
  • Perfumes: 5 Favorites Reviewed In-Depth
  • Quality & Value vs. Other Premier Designers
  • Styling Inspiration with Full Outfits
  • Brand Values, Sustainability & Ethics
  • Promotions & Savings Opportunities
  • Final Verdict: Is the Investment Worth It?

Quick Tory Burch Snapshot

Before we dive headfirst into the reviews, let me set the stage on why Tory Burch stands out as a luxury fashion trailblazer in an oversaturated market.

Backstory: Launched in 2004 by its eponymous founder and visionary Tory Burch, this beloved American brand was built to epitomize versatile, timeless designs suited for everyday wear with an elevated edge.

Signature Aesthetic: Breezy uptown polish meets bohemian nonchalance. Expect classic silhouettes, vibrant colors and prints, inventive details and natural textures across categories.

Star Power: A red carpet and street style favorite often spotted on A-listers like Jessica Alba, Margot Robbie, Priyanka Chopra and more. Racks up 3M+ Instagram followers and counting.

Industry Darling: Earned consistent praise from Vogue, InStyle, Elle and leading fashion publications. Net sales skyrocketed to $1.5 billion as of 2021 with aims to double by 2025.

Giving Back: Established the Tory Burch Foundation in 2008 which has provided $100M+ in affordable loans to women entrepreneurs….

And that’s just for starters. Now let’s get into the fun part: my brutally honest reviews across over 25+ standout Tory Burch products…

Bags: 5 Favorites Deep Dive

Known for their impeccable attention to detail from the custom hardware to luxe leather, Tory Burch churns out handbags, totes and crossbodies that feel like a real investment. I took five stunning options out for a spin. Here’s how they stacked up:

1. Perry Triple-Compartment Tote

The Lowdown: With intricate stitching and a structured shape, this tote becomes your elegant armor for the corporate battlefield or escalated brunch plans…Average Rating: 4.9/5 stars across 125+ reviews

What I Loved

  • Buttery soft pebbled Italian leather
  • Multiple interior pockets for optimized organization
  • Chic gold ‘T‘Charm and removable luggage tag
  • Reinforced bottom feet to prevent scuffing


  • No zipper closure so belongings can slide out (must be mindful)
  • Retails for $498 so not an everyday throw-around bag

Styling Playbook

Channel boardroom boss vibes by pairing with a crisp poplin shirt, ankle pants and classic pumps. For an off-duty model look, style with a midi bodycon dress, breathable sneakers and tiny sunnies.

2. Kira Chevron Crossbody

The Lowdown: Featuring lush quilted leather and signature logo hardware, this neatly-sized crossbody begs for bicoastal adventures…Average Rating: 4.7/5 stars across 500+ reviews

What I Loved

  • Compact yet deceivingly roomy interior to hold daily must-haves
  • Built-in mirror under flap for discreet touch-ups
  • Chic diamond chevron stitching provides visual flair


  • Chain strap tends to twist frequently and may feel uncomfortable for all-day wear
  • Meticulous care required since light colored leather shows signs of wear more easily

Styling Playbook

For sightseeing or beach strolls, couple this ivory beauty with distressed denim shorts, a cute graphic tee and slip-on sneakers. Or take it up a notch by layering a vibrant colored shift dress and wedges.

3. Gemini Link Canvas Tote

The Lowdown: Part of their summer-ready travel Edit, this grab-and-go tote woven from cotton canvas and leather trim makes the ultimate beachside companion…Average Rating: 4.8/5 stars

What I Loved

  • Ultra lightweight and smooth material
  • Vibrant coral/blue color combo channels coastal chic
  • Oversized shape fits towels, magazines and other pool/picnic paraphernalia


  • No inner lining so smaller items may slip through cracks
  • Vachetta leather trim requires extra care from moisture

Styling Playbook

For maximal impact, pair with the coordinating Gemini Link one-piece swimsuit, a billowy floral kimono and thong sandals. Or lean into the palette with cuffed denim shorts, a striped tee and colorful slides.

4. Ella Open Tote

The Lowdown: Understatedly chic with its subtle Tory logo embossing, this perfectly slouchy tote transitions seamlessly from AM meetings to PM co*cktails…Average Rating: 4.8/5 stars across 340+ reviews

What I Loved

  • Super soft, lightweight Italian leather construction
  • Shockingly spacious interior compartment
  • Convertible zip sides allow you to expand or contract
  • Sleek yet carefree vibe


  • Tan color prone to dirt, stains and color transfer
  • No closure feature besides magnetic snap

Styling Playbook
For conservative corporate contexts, ground this relaxed bag with a sheath dress or twinset and classic heels. For an evening art gallery opening or dinner date, build intrigue by pairing with a silky midi skirt, strappy sandals and sculptural top.

5. McGraw Bucket Bag

The Lowdown: Doubling as both crossbody and bucket bag, this petite powerhouse offers creamy woven leather and polished hardware for a delicate toughness I can get behind…Average Rating: 4.8/5 stars

What I Loved

  • Multi-functional carrying capacity with both top handle and adjustable strap
  • Pebbled Italian leather gives subtle textural contrast
  • Vibrant hues like berry, parchment and bone that bat way above basics


  • Drawstring closure provides minimal security
  • Smaller size requires strategic packing

Styling Playbook
For an art show or museums, ground this petite bag with wide leg trousers, a silky tank and block heels. Or channel French girl chic with a breezy wrap dress, sunkissed makeup palette and flats.

And that‘s just a sample of the stunning bags on deck. With options spanning classic leather satchels to punchy woven totes, Tory Burch offers covetable arm candy to suit any personal style or occasion…

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The Complete Lowdown on Tory Burch: A Critical Yet Fair 2500+ Word Review - 33rd Square (2024)
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